Do you, like me, want an NHS that is fit for the future?

Futurehealth Brighton is a social enterprise looking at practical local solutions to complex global problems in healthcare. The idea is that a 21st century NHS could offer more interactive, ‘tailor-made’ healthcare, better suited to the needs of individuals.

What about focusing on health rather than disease + ability not disability ?

REVOLUTION MAY BE REQUIRED. Not a U-turn but a return to what people and their communities used to do for themselves and for each other.

Helping others, getting involved;
in art, in singing or research, could benefit you.


TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE happens from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.

It IS HAPPENING already across the world from Jos de Blok in Holland to Victoria Sweet in California, and it has started in the UK.

Could Brighton and Hove be at the forefront of this change?

Look at a film of the fun we have had so far, and click here to see just some of the Extraordinary projects across the city.